Originally from a rural town in New Jersey, with four years of high school spent in Florida, Luloo had made NYC her home for 12 years. Her early years were spent working in fashion, later earning a degree in history to one day become a teacher, but she was ultimately drawn to NYC's food culture and the food movement that was, and still is going on.

With many years working at Gruppo, Posto, and Vezzo, Antonio Gomez’s downtown pizzeria staples, Luloo learned tons about running a restaurant. With the push towards street vendors and small start up food businesses, she felt inspired to try her own thing and get even deeper into affecting  better food choices and our food culture.

In early 2013, with a summer at the Hester Street Fair, Luloo launched Empaniña’s Empanadas, non-traditional empanadas made with organic and/or local ingredients, not necessarily health food, but good quality, creative, ingredients with many, many hours spent perfecting her recipes. It was at this exact same time that her boss, Mr. Gomez, came to her and her husband, Evan, to offer them an amazing chance to really affect food production...move to the Hudson Valley and become organic farmers!  

Meet the farmers 

Evan was born and raised on the California coast in a small beach community that was once a small agricultural town as well. As the population boomed, the farms were soon paved over for strip malls and that history and charm went with it. He was later drawn to New York City and was surprised to find so much interest and access to fresh local foods in such a metropolis. There was a real symbiotic relationship with local farms and the restaurants that sought them out. He would come to realize that he too wished to be apart of it.

Luloo & Evan